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The Cheap Reader is Alison. She works in a library and dreams of one day becoming a Youth Services Librarian. She loves reading and has a soft spot in her heart for YA and MG fiction.

The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, Part 1)

The Fellowship of the Ring - J.R.R. Tolkien Book OneFor years I’ve been too “scared” to read this. In some respects, high school ruined reading a bit. Thanks to school, I associate old books as hard reading. Sometimes that is true but other times it’s completely false. I was also kind of scared of high fantasy. For whatever reason, I got it drilled into my head that high fantasy was long, laborious reading (I’ve learned that’s not always the case since then). And to top it all off, this is a book that’s beloved by so many. I was scared that I might not like it. It’s one thing to not read something but it’s another to read it and not like it.I was pleasantly surprised that some of my fears were in vain. The language and readability of the text was very easy. Like shockingly easy. I was really shocked to find out the reading level of the book was ages 9-12. Yay, that makes it so much easier for someone who’s not used to high fantasy.Though the language is simple to read, I found the book to be a little bogged down with details. While I do appreciate good descriptions of new worlds and new experiences, I get kind of overwhelmed with all the details. The first part of the book was especially overwhelming with the history of this world. I can see how some people would love the amount of thought that went into this world. For me personally, it’s just a bit much.So far I’ve found the book to be really slow going for my tastes. Really slow going. I am the type of person that needs a story filled with action or at least moves quickly. From what I’ve seen so far, this story doesn’t really have it which is why I’m taking forever to read it.I’m a bit disappointed that I’m not enjoying the story more. I almost feel like I’m missing something that all these other people are getting out of the story. I definitely feel like I’m reading a different story than everyone else. I keep hoping to connect with the story or the characters but so far it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it will happen in book 2?Book TwoMy biggest complaint was how slow moving it was. Book two stepped it up so to speak so I enjoyed it more. Not to mention, I enjoyed the addition of new characters.When I first started the book, I wasn’t too fond of any of the characters. I continued trudging along and found myself growing quite fond of the Hobbits. Now I almost want to go back and re-read the first few chapters. (Maybe I should read The Hobbit sometime in the future?) I also enjoyed Gandalf, Aragorn, and Legolas but the Hobbits were my favorite.Final ThoughtsI’ve had so much trouble thinking about what to say for this review. A good portion of my reviews are based on how much I enjoyed the books mixed with how “good” the book is (story is concise, well written, grammar and spelling are good, etc).This book is very well written. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. I can see the amount of thought, time, and effort that went into the story. I even have a copy that contains appendixes on the Kings, the history, family trees, and the languages of the books. I can see why some people adore the series. The book(s) just aren’t for me though. I think more than anything I was overwhelmed with everything and wasn’t able to process everything because there is SO much going on.I was never engrossed in the story. There was never anything that just grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. I just kept trudging through it hoping I’d enjoy it more but that time never really came.The story itself is a good one. I love quests and I love rooting for the little guy. It did annoy me how slow they moved (especially in the beginning of the book) when danger was so looming. I realize that the journey has got to be a long one but does it have to be so slow moving?The ending was odd. I really, really hate when books don’t properly end a story. I understand that the overarching story of a series never really ends until the last book is done but can’t we have some closure at the end of each book? If anything this just felt like a chapter ended.Rating 2.5/5Please don’t let my thoughts deter you from reading it. It’s a good book, just not for me though. I think fans of fantasy need to at least give it a shot. Just be aware that it’s not for everyone.If I decide to continue with the series in the future, I might give audiobooks a chance. I think that might help some.