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Delirium (Delirium, #1)

Delirium (Delirium, #1) - Lauren Oliver The book world has been buzzing about this book for quite a while. I was pretty leery about reading it. I really don't like romances but since this was also a dystopian book I thought it would mellow things about a bit. So I decided to buy it when it was cheap on Amazon. I had fairly high hopes for the book because so many people seemed to love it.The world building was a bit shaky for my taste. As a reader, I don't mind venturing into the totally bizarre in a book if an author makes the bizarre believable. The book describes a bit about amor deliria nervosa (aka love) and the symptoms. Maybe I'm just cynical but I don't really understand how they are able to classify love as a disease (when we know it's an emotion) without labeling other emotions as diseases. Maybe because emotions go away when they have the surgery? I don't know. That never made sense to me. I also wondered how far they went with the precautions. Was Portland the only safe place? Just the US? The whole world? How exactly did we get to this point? I might just be overly critical but there were quite a few things that went unanswered.I guess more than anything I was just disappointed in the book. That's not to say it was bad though because it wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. I just had much, much higher hopes for it. I guess The Chaos Walking trilogy 'ruined' me in that way. Delirium had the potential to be really good if it pushed a bit more but in the end it just kind of played it safe. Because it played it safe, it really wasn't that memorable.Oliver's style is beautiful and I highly enjoyed reading it. It was very easy reading. I really loved the way she started all the chapters with excerpts from The Book of Shhh and other safe books within their universe. That was a really creative idea. It would be really cool if she released a novella or short story of The Book of Shhh in the future. I'd read it. Unfortunately those snippets of info aren't enough for me. She really needed to explain more about the world for me to enjoy it.The bottom line? An enjoyable enough book but not the best dystopian book I've read.