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The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus)

The Mark of Athena - Rick Riordan I’ll be a bit honest. I was a little disappointed with The Mark of Athena. After The Son of Neptune, I was really, really looking forward to the two camps coming together, getting past their differences, and fighting towards the greater good. That had to be why Riordan chose to show us Camp Jupiter, right? It’s just a bit disappointing for the only apparent purpose of the camp to be another struggle for the seven.I’m glad that Percy and Annabeth are back together even if it is weird. It’s hard to think that universe has been going on for 4/5 years? now. Yes obviously we need to have the characters grow and mature just like real people do. It’s still weird to see them all mushy (even though their crushes have been apparent for some time.)It was interesting seeing all 7 characters together at once. We’ve come to know them over the course of the two books but only in small groups. The interactions and tension seemed pretty realistic. Percy and Jason obviously have to go head to head. Each one is used to being in charge so he doesn’t know what to do with himself when there’s another alpha male. Hazel, Frank, and Leo have a very weird thing going on. I don’t know why Frank is so intimidated by Leo (aside from the whole fire thing). It’s his great grandfather that Hazel liked not him. He shouldn’t be so hard on the guy. Piper is a bit too focused on Jason but I understand. She thought she had been dating the guy for a year. That’s going to be hard to get over especially if you’re Aphrodite’s child.I really appreciated that Annabeth got to shine in this book. She has always been pretty awesome but she’s been in Percy’s shadow to an extent. She never really go to do things on her own. The title of the book implies that this book is for her. Here she gets her own quest and it’s a big one that no one has been able to accomplish before. It really is a big quest. The future of the world almost rests on her. If the Greeks and the Romans can’t fight together, they don’t stand a chance.As far as the plot goes this a quintessential middle book. Really the only purpose of the book was to get the characters from California to Rome. The book was just filling in their journey. Obviously we need middle books but they aren’t the most exciting installments. Of course once things get to be a bit more exciting and move the story along, we end on a cliffhanger.The bottom line? It’s an enjoyable “filler” book.