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The Cheap Reader is Alison. She works in a library and dreams of one day becoming a Youth Services Librarian. She loves reading and has a soft spot in her heart for YA and MG fiction.


Partials - -Hooray! I got some science in my science fiction. That really excites me. It’s not only a science fiction book, it’s also got some medical thriller mixed in. I always find medical thrillers to be particularly scary since it doesn’t matter how strong or smart you are, the virus will always get you.-To a certain extent, some of the story was predictable: sneaking over the Partials side, getting caught, having a corrupt government, a touch of romance. Thankfully the predictable bits has some spice to them to make interesting.-There were a few good twists in the book that kicked the book from “enjoyable” to “pretty good.”-Overall it was pretty readable. Yes, there’s quite a bit of action but it’s not overwhelming. You get sprinkles of politics and medicine mixed in. All 3 of those work together really well. I finished the book rather quickly over 2 days.-I liked Kira as a heroine. I loved that she was intelligent and that was an asset rather than something negative.-Yay for a multicultural group of characters!-Not only was there a corrupt government, there were all sorts of other bad guys in the story: the Voice, the Partials, and the Trust. That obviously makes the story more interesting but it also adds depth. There’s never just the good guys and the bad guys. Everyone has done some right and wrong. Now you can’t just write off a group of people. I think we’re going to need everyone to figure out the problem.The bottom line? This was some pretty good science fiction.