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The Cheap Reader is Alison. She works in a library and dreams of one day becoming a Youth Services Librarian. She loves reading and has a soft spot in her heart for YA and MG fiction.

Wednesdays in the Tower (Tuesdays at the Castle)

Wednesdays in the Tower - Jessica Day George The castle is still charming and wonderful. It was cool to see the logistics of the castle and its magic explored in this book. It’s a pretty universal fact in books that magic can’t be used to create something out of nothing. You can transform an object or you can move an object from one place to another. You just can’t make something appear out of thin air though. I hadn’t given much thought to how the castle was making rooms appear. I just took it at face value and was happy with that. It was a real pleasant surprise to see the author explore how the rooms turned up and what happened to the rooms when they weren’t in the castle.I loved the first book quite a bit because there was a large focus of the politics of this world. It was quite a bit for an MG book so that was wonderful. In Wednesdays there’s not enough politics for my taste. There are hints of it but that story line isn’t fully explored. I assume that the politics introduced in this book will continue into the next book. It was a pleasant surprise to see this story take a more “animal” story focus. Normally I’m not a huge fan of stories that have a huge animal focus but this story was pretty cute. Rufus was a wonderful addition to the story.I was excited that this was a sequel to Tuesdays but I was a bit worried. Tuesdays ended nicely so I wasn’t sure how the author was going to continue the story. Celie continued to grow in this book. She’s really fine tuning her “castle speak”. She doesn’t always know what the castle wants or is trying to say but she does her best to decipher it. We also get to see a bit more of Celie’s siblings and friends/staff in this book. They were giving a bit more screen time in this book and it looks like we’ll see more of them in the next book!The bottom line? Lovely sequel!