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The Cheap Reader is Alison. She works in a library and dreams of one day becoming a Youth Services Librarian. She loves reading and has a soft spot in her heart for YA and MG fiction.

Mossflower (Redwall Series #2)

Mossflower - Brian Jacques I want to like the Redwall books. I really do. I'm just having a super hard time of getting into the books.-It's a series but not in the usual sense. Each book is a standalone book so it's really hard to connect to the characters. I think this is the only book to have a reoccurring character. (Martin)-The style is not for me. I find it to be difficult reading. Maybe difficult isn't the right word. I just can't get my rhythm going so it's difficult reading. (It reminds me of The Fellowship of the Ring in that sense.) I think it's almost overly descriptive for my taste.-One of my biggest pet peeves is when authors use slang (and slang spelling) in their dialogue. I have way too hard of a time attempting to decipher what is being said. That means I have to skim so I ended up skimming a lot. (I skimmed a lot of the book because I couldn't get into it and I was ready to be done with it.)The story really wasn't bad. It was just slow for my tastes. Not to mention this type of book really isn't my thing. I thought I would try this book just to be sure and now I know. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that doesn't mesh well with me though. I wish I knew what it was. [Maybe there's just not enough action or fantastical creatures for my taste?]Please don't let me turn you off of the book(s) though. I know so many people love them. You just need to try it for yourself.The bottom line? It's another solid book from the Redwall world. Sadly it's just not for me.